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 Possible massive cut of state contribution to MSAD's school budget

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PostSubject: Possible massive cut of state contribution to MSAD's school budget   Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:31 am

The Superintendents recommended budget report was issued this week:


To me, the superintendents recommendations seem to strike a good balance between educating our children, and maintaining fiscal restraint. Of deep concern though was the potential decrease in state funding that will dramatically increase everyone's property taxes or severely impact school services.
MSAD stands to loose $729,000 from the annual state contribution if the governors proposal is adopted. This evidently started in FY14 when the state transferred a portion of the cost of teacher retirement benefits onto local taxpayers costing our district $353,000. These costs have escalated from $0 in FY13 to a staggering $603,000 in FY18!
If the current state budget passes as the governor is proposing, next year MSAD 35 will have to absorb both the previously funded teacher retirement costs of $603,000 AND the reduction of $769,000 in state subsidy from FY17. This means a combined loss of state funding to our district of $1,372,000 just for FY18!!!
If there ever was a time for towns people to contact their state legislators and voice their disapproval I would suggest the time is now.
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Possible massive cut of state contribution to MSAD's school budget
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